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Tree of Science is dedicated to give impact and accelerate science, humanities, and research by providing digital solutions for researchers and their research organizations. We promote Science 2.0, digital tools for researchers and open science, to trigger a systematic change in the modus operandi of doing research and managing science.

We work with PhD students, academic and R&D researchers, their collaborators and research managers, and research organizations. We offer sophisticated tailored professional services, including:

  • Online training in digital tools for scientific research, science networks, professional networking, collaborative work, digital strategy, online presence, personal branding, open research, digital communication;
  • Consulting in digital tools and platforms implementation and development, digital strategy, ad hoc trainings, virtual teams, open science and citizen science projects, science crowdfunding, and open innovation;
  • Coaching tailored to your needs in digital strategy, professional networking, manage your online presence and personal branding;
  • Training and coaching are delivered online through virtual classes;

Let’s work together to built the future of science and research!

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