“Coaching is the only cost-effective way to reinforce new behaviors and skills until a learner is through the dangerous results dip. Once through the dip, when the new skills bring results, they will become self-reinforcing” - Training and Development Journal

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Through our coaching philosophy, we are offering a holistic approach, covering both research activities and personal project issues. This approach together with a well-founded diagnostic background of our coaches proved to be highly efficient and leads to measurable results already after few coaching sessions.

By using different methods, adjusted to the particular situation, we secure a wide range of courses of action for the coaches’ personal situation. Thanks to the scientific backgrounds of our coaches, we truly understand the needs of our clients and can develop solutions for their individual issues in cooperation with them.

As coaching only works based on mutual trust between coach and coachee, it is important for us, to give the coachee the possibility to know his coach before each project. Only after that, he should decide whether you would like to start the project. You will get honest and constructive feedback on your competencies and be able to talk in complete confidence to someone who is entirely detached from your work and social life.

 Why us? 

We are an international start-up specialized in digital solutions for scientific research. We aimed at understanding the needs of academic, R&D and citizen researchers in digital culture, passions, and talents. We create significant development for them. Our team of coaches all have a wide experience in scientific research, its organization, in science 2.0 and open science to bring to coaching you as an individual, a group, and a team. They will focus on supporting you in your move into the digital culture, and as you progress within acquiring science 2.0 skills, onto the next stages of opening your research, and digitally manage your projects and career. Online sessions opportunities with Tree of Science make possible for scientists to build concrete outside experience without stepping away from their research and allow them to participate on their own schedules.

Tree of Science is reliable for personal programs:

  • Deep knowledge of scientific research activities
  • Expertise in digital tools and strategies for researchers
  • Coaches are former researchers
  • Personal and professional ethic (code of conduct of ICF)

Features & Benefits

 Our individually-tailored services include: 
  • Interactive video conferencing

  • Simplified and easy schedule

  • anytime, anywhere, any devices

  • mainly skills based coaching

  • solid expertise

  • Set and meet realistic goals with increased accountability

  • Get honest and constructive feedback

  • Get personalized support and guidance

  • Reports


With our tailored professional coaching sessions, you or your team will expect the following benefits:

  • Fresh perspectives on personal challenges and attainment of relevant goals through digital culture

  • Promote and enhance your performance in key skills (digital, research management…)

  • Make you progress and optimize digital know-how

  • Greater interpersonal effectiveness and increased self-confidence Self-awareness

  • Improvement in productivity: professional coaching maximizes potential and, therefore, unlocks latent sources of productivity through digital issues

  • Increase organizational strength

  • Teamwork and working relationship with peers, supervisors, and direct reports

Application areas: 
  • One-to-one coaching
  • Group coaching
  • Team coaching

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