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  • Tree-of-science-human-processesHuman being at the center of our thoughts and processes: the greatest wealth of the scientific research field is the people who are doing research activities in academia, R&D, science and technology professionals, citizen scientists, and makers. We are convinced that it is critical to deliver at the individual level the best services in digital solutions and strategy;


  • Tree-of-science-digital-cultureThe digital as a culture: more than only a knowledge, some skills, and new practices to make science, we view digital issues as a culture, which we want to transfer to the scientific communities. We consider acquiring the culture of digital strategy is a necessity to really develop their digital skills and knowledge;
  • Tree-of-science-future-of-scienceParticipate to shape the future of scientific research: we are supporting science projects and researchers of any kind if it significantly improves research activities in terms of efficiency, open research, individual improvement, society interest, and ethic. We work in a perpetual start-up phase, focusing on finding the best ideas for the science, humanities, and citizen science communities. We are motivated by the possibility of sharing our ideas with million of science lovers around the world.
  • Tree-of-science-creativity-innovation-technology-transferContribute to creativity, innovation and technology transfer: we believe that collaborative work, scientific networking, and open science are great source for creativity and innovation. We are constantly looking for innovation to help researchers community to achieve these goals and finding some dedicated digital solutions for their research activities. We incubate promising ideas and give them the air to breathe and time to develop;


  • Tree of Science_ethic-ecology-responsibilityAct with ethics, ecology and responsibility: we aim to work with a strong ethical ways in the different aspects of our activities. Our consultancy, training, and coaching are delivered with the respect of the individual and organization privacy. The professionals codes of ethics are precisely followed to offer the best protection for our clients. Moreover, we are convinced that an environmentally and socially responsible attitude is consistent with the growth of a healthy and sustainable company. Therefore, we pay a lot of attention about our web hosting solutions (see the Ecological charter of our hosting provider), our offices management (recycling of all consumables and dematerialization privileged) and during our mobility (Public transport allowance for employees, carpooling privileged, and biking). We offer online services, which highly decrease carbon emissions by dramatically reducing the transportation of our experts


We believe that openness lead to human wealth without lose efficiency, property and creativity. Therefore we promote and use open science, open research, open access, open source, and open innovation.Tree-of-science-Open-culture-Open-science

We are convinced of gaining insights into the perceived opportunities and challenges presented by the ‘opening up of the research process’.

Open research leads to:

  • A science more productive (better collaboration and identification of promising pathways of research);
  • A better quality of research (reproducibility, transparency, avoid duplicates, datasets interoperable, …);
  • A higher dissemination of scientific knowledge and information with more rewarding for academic research but also SMEs;
  • A higher level of citizen engagement through open innovation and citizen science;
  • A change in scientific culture, which will accelerate the pace of scientific discovery through the facilitation of data-driven innovation.



  • We believe in thoughtful catalytic change;
  • We are supporting innovative researchers, science and technology professionals, research organization, and digital tools for research;
  • We are passionate about improving digital opportunities for all kind of researchers (academics, R&D, and citizen scientists);
  • We get excited about initiatives that can be replicated on a large scale.


  • Academic research labs, teams or out of contracts researchers (Ph.D. students, postdocs, …);
  • From R&Ds in startup and SMEs to R&Ds in big companies;
  • Open Labs, living Labs and Makers places;
  • Organizations and foundations that supports scientific research.


The challenges facing today’s researchers, science and technology professionals and citizen scientists are varied and complex. Collaboration is critical. Solutions have to be accessible and innovative. Tree of Science provides support to overcome these challenges by entering into the digital (r)evolution of scientific research.



« The new technologies have condamned us to be smart! », Michel Serres

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