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How the Tree of Science team is made up


Tree-of-Science-team-diagramThe team of tree of Science led by CEO and Founder, Julien Hering, is talented, reliable, and passionate to deliver a caliber of services that reaches your research activities and career goals, while highlighting your personal skills and personality.

Our training, consultancy, and coaching are run by former researchers who are aware of your needs and your work environment, which also avoids a phenomenon know as ‘expert blind spot’, and makes for a much richer and realistic experience. The team has a wide-range of professional experience in academia, R&D and services startups.


The Team members


Julien Hering, PhD – CEO and founder of Tree of Science



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PhD in Neuroscience (UPMC, 2004), Julien developed and managed several basic research projects in the field of neuroscience (ion channels, cerebellum, epilepsy, …) using various and innovative experimental approaches (electrophysiology, cellular-molecular biology, new animal models, laser vibrometry). He made his career of researcher in great world-class laboratories (Ecole Normale Supérieure, Institut Pasteur, Riken BSI) and he has collaborated with international teams in academia and R&D. Moreover, Julien has been in charge of teaching in several universities for ten years.

In 2008, Julien also co-founded the NGO “Collectif PAPERA to provide supports, information and advices to PhD students, PhDs and other casual workers in Higher Education and academic research in France.

His experience in research, teaching and NGO provides him a deep knowledge of the academic and R&D fields with a solid expertise in digital tools and social media. Therefore in 2013, Julien founded the start-up Tree of Science, which is dedicated make enter the scientific research (science, humanities, and R&D) and citizen science into the digital (r)evolution and Open Science by providing digital solutions and strategy for researchers and their research organizations. Tree of Science promotes Science 2.0, digital tools and networks for researchers, Open science, science crowdfunding, and Open innovation to trigger a systematic change in the modus operandi of doing research and managing science.


This team knows research. We live live and breath it!

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